Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource bookkeeping?


Many small business owners come to a point in the growth of their company when they realize they simply cannot manage their own books any longer. Instead, they want to focus on bringing more revenue into the company, training their employees, and keeping internal processes successfully running.  They would like to outsource bookkeeping to third party provider and get that off their plate but they are often afraid to do so.

Excellent bookkeeping needs to remain at the top of any company’s list of priorities, but hiring an in-house bookkeeper can be pretty costly, especially if you only need an accountant for a few hours a week. 

Why don’t you have your prices listed on your website?


As most businesses have different and often complex needs we find that a one size fits all plan does not make sense in most cases. Therefore we will need to understand a little bit about the business in order to provide a custom quote. We base our pricing on the number of transactions per month so we would need to get a good sense of how many bank transactions, credit card transactions, payroll transactions, accounts payable transactions, and A/R transactions to provide an accurate scope of work. Rest assured our pricing is highly competitive. 

How do I get my documents to you?


We have a great document management solution as part of our service. We will set it up for you and all you have to do is scan your documents and we will sort through them and take the appropriate actions.